WordPress Support

This document details how to install, customize and use the Rapport247 WordPress plugin.

Manual Installation:
These instructions assume you are familiar with WordPress implementation and how to move files around using tools such as FTP. If you are not, you should seek assistance.

The first step is to download the most recent version of the API. Click here to download.

On your WordPress installation add a new directory for the plug in. Extract the content of the Rapport247 WordPress plugin into that new directory.

optional: If you wish you can delete the “read.me” file.

Congratulations, your plugin is installed!

Customize Your Plugin:
Once you have installed the plugin you can modify the look of the output to match your sites look.

The plugin uses three template files to format the output:

The plugin makes use of substitution tokens to place data into the template files. A substitution token will be replaced by specific data before being sent to the client. Substitution tokens are case sensitive.

The tmp-shell.html file holds all the common elements of the output from the plugin. Be sure to leave the #VIDEOS# tag in the file. It will be replaced by the formatted videos.

Both the tmp-review.html and tmp-testimonial.html pages are used to format the output of individual videos.
Here is the list of substitution tokens you can use to put video data into your page:
#VIDEO__ID# = the Rapport 247 ID number for a specific video
#VIDEO__KIND# = Either review or testimonial
#VIDEO__USER__ID# = The rapport247 user ID of the video author
#VIDEO__USER_NAME# = The rappot247 user name of the video author
#VIDEO__TITLE# = The title of the video
#VIDEO__DESCRIPTION# = The long text description of the video
#VIDEO__JPG_URL# = The URL to the 150×150 poster image
#VIDEO__JPG_ORG_URL# = The URL to the original poster image
#VIDEO__MP4_URL# = The URL to the MP4 file
#VIDEO__HEIGHT# = The height of the video in pixels
#VIDEO__WIDTH# = The width of the video in pixels
#VIDEO__DURATION# = The duration of the video in seconds
#VIDEO__RATING# = Rating for a revew 1 to 5, or 0 for testimonial
#VIDEO__TIMESTAMP_STR# = Human readable timestamp of video submission
#VIDEO__SEO_NAME# = The SEO name component of the URL
#VIDEO__SHORT_URL# = The short name component of the URL

To use the Rapport 24/7 plug you will use the Rapport 24/7 shortcode. The shortcode requires an ‘id’ parameter. You need to get your client ID from Rapport247.com.