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Video Marketing . In addition to YouTube and the 10 media companies above, another 18 companies made presentations during the 2016 Digital Content NewFronts.

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But, Facebook was conspicuously absent from the list of presenter, which may have been a missed opportunity. According to the IAB’s third annual “Digital Content NewFronts: Video Ad Spend Study,” advertisers have increased their investments in original digital video by 114% over the past two years1. This latest survey also found that eight out of 10 marketing professionals said that their attendance at the 2015 NewFronts resulted in increased spending on original video content in the 12 months that followed.

Maybe Facebook didn’t qualify as a NewFronts presenting company – the rules state that “presenters must create original content in video format that is available online.” Now, YouTube doesn’t “create” original content in video format, although the YouTube Spaces team does help creators make great content via production facilities around the world. As of March 2015, creators using YouTube Spaces to film and edit have produced over 10,000 videos which have generated more than 1B views and over 70 million hours of watchtime. Oh, and let’s not forget the YouTube Partner Program, which lets creators monetize their content on YouTube in many ways, including advertisements, paid subscriptions, and merchandise.

Nevertheless, Facebook’s absence from the 2016 Digital Content NewFronts should prompt media buyers and advertising publishers to start asking some hard questions. For example, you’ve just spent the past two weeks attending as many of the 38 events as you possibly could. I assume that you did this to learn what kind of content attracts what kind of audience. I also assume that you made this investment in time to learn more about the environment or context in which your video ads will appear. Well, what kind of audience do you get when you run video ads on Facebook? Well, you have a lot of ad targeting options. You can target your ad to people based on location and demographics like age, gender and interests. You can even target your ad to people based on what they do off of Facebook.

And in what environment or context will your video marketing ads appear? Well, they’ll appear in someone’s News Feed – often on their smartphones. But, before they see your video ad, he or she may have been reading a post from a friend about yesterday’s win by the Boston Red Sox, looking at a photo of a family member graduating from the University of Maine School of Law, or watching “Cat Reacts to Horror Film”. That’s right. There are funny cat videos on Facebook. NewFronts showcased the latest in original digital video programming, featuring well-known talent and innovative storytelling, and much of that can also be found on Facebook. But, it’s often mixed in with posts, photos, and videos from an individual’s friends, family, and colleagues. Is that okay? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.